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Senior Center Art Exhibit

The walls on the entry hall at the Senior Center looked so bare after the Silver Arts exhibits were removed, so our mixed media group that meets on Mondays was asked to put up an exhibit of our art work.   Here are a few of mine. IMG_0229_2 IMG_0229_2_3 IMG_0229_3_2 IMG_0238 The color does not show very well in the first one, but it is a print of an abstract painting in various shades of blue, and then I did Zentangles® on top of it.  Looks much better than the picture.  The two stained glass images are done on canvas with acrylic paints (not framed). The last one is a watercolor on paper that is framed. We have 25 paintings hanging, but I was unable to get good pictures due to the reflections on the glass from the windows.   If I can get some better pictures next week, I will show you some of the others. Here is one done by Hazel LeBlanc (better know as “Z”). IMG_0229_3  She used the butterfly template from Ben Kwok, zentangled it and glued to painted canvas on which she also did some Zentangle designs.  Very pretty, I think!   We have a small, but very talented, group that meets weekly to exchange ideas and show what we have done that week.  FUN!!


Jewelry making

I have been in a “jewelry making “ mood for the past week.  For quite some time I have been making rolled paper beads, and decided it was time to do something with them.  Here are a few examples that were finished up this week.

Zentangle Jewelry 1Jewelry 2Jewelry 6

Jewelry 3 Jewelry 4JewelryJewelry 7


For a larger view of each, click on the image.

Hope you like.  The bracelets are strung on “memory wire” which stretches to go over the hand, and then goes back to size to fit the wrist.  The pendants are two Zen Inspired on “shrink plastic” and others I purchased at bargain prices from Fire Mountain Gems.  Other colored beads and pearls are added.  Will show you more later.  Thanks for having a look at these.


More Ben Kwok templates

I seem to find myself doing at least two or three of Ben Kwok’s designs every day. Just can’t seem to get enough of them.  I have tried some of them with different coloring, and with a decorated paper background. I didn’t like the coloring on the first Hummingbird, and didn’t like the second one much better.

Kwok designs        Kwok designs 2


I did the horse with fewer lines on the template, and did it on a piece of colored paper I had made some time ago. I like it a lot better.

Kwok designs 1   Kwok designs

This dragonfly, I played around with my IPhoto, and it is now a completely different color than the original.  Sorry, I couldn’t get this image to flip vertically.

Hope you don’t tire of these, because I will be showing you more in the future.

Thanks for stopping by today.


It’s been a while —-

since I last posted.   Several reasons –  I had an intestinal bug of some kind for about two weeks.  NO FUN!   Then, I woke up one night with extreme pain in my right big toe.   It was swollen and tender, and I had trouble walking.  Couldn’t stand my shoe to touch it.  After some exercises, applying ice, and keeping foot elevated for a few days, it is better.  I think it is some form of arthritis, probably rheumatoid.  I’ve been eating blueberries on my cereal, and have ordered some black cherry extract, which is supposed to help this sort of thing.  At any rate—during this time, I have not felt very creative.  I did manage to do another sweat shirt with the knit yoke.  Sorry, didn’t get a photo of it.

For relaxation I did do some Zentangling .  Here are a few things I’ve done in the past week

.Circles Circles  1

I called these “Life circles”.  They were made by drawing various size circles all over a 9×12 page, overlapping some, and then doing some doodling in each circle.  These will look better when they are matted and framed.

Thanks for stopping by today, and I will be back in a few days with some Valentines.

Zentangle® – What is that?

A couple of years ago, I was browsing the internet and came across something called “Zentangle®.  What a wonderful discovery.  This is an art form introduced by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. It is for those who think they can’t paint or draw.  Have you ever doodled while talking on the phone or listening to a boring lecture?  If so, then, you can do it.   If you are interested in learning about this art and learning to do it, you can just Google Zentangle and find hundreds of websites and blogs that feature it.   To learn about the art and to do it, go to Zentangle.com and tanglepatterns.com.  You will find everything you need to get started.  No expensive tools — just a pencil, pen and paper.  In the beginning, the art was done on 3-1/2″ tiles and only done in black and white.  NOW, it is being done in color and in many sizes up to 24″ x 36”, on cardstock, watercolor paper, etc.

A word of warning!  It can become very addictive!  You begin to see tangle patterns all around you, and no piece of paper is safe in your hands.  Here are a few samples I have done.

ZIA womanZIA atcZIAZIA_4


Most people called their finished art “ZIA’s”.  That stands for Zentangle® Inspired Art, and is proper to use, especially if you use your own tangles as well as the official ones of the Zentangle.com website.  Some of my favorite blogs for doing this art are on the right side of this blog.  You can click on any of them and it will take you to their site.  More about Zentangles® in my next post.

Happy tangling. and thanks for stopping by today.


New Beginnings at 93

For many years I have put off creating a blog,  so now at age 93, I have jumped in!

I have a philosophy that “no day is complete without finishing some form of art, or learning something new, so I will try to post daily, or several times a week.  I hope you will be interested in what I have to say and show you. My interests are painting (watercolors), making greeting cards, many of which have been published in JUST CARDS,  SCRAP&STAMP magazine, and VAMP STAMP magazine and e-articles.   I also do pen and ink drawings called ZIAs (Zentangle Inspired Art) using the art form created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  This relaxing art helps reduce stress and can be done by anyone.  More about this later.  AND if this isn’t enough, I knit and crochet.   I will show you examples of all of these from time to time.  This is a recent landscape painting I have done in watercolor.

Hope you like it.


Thanks for stopping by, and see you soon!              Sarah