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pen & ink drawing using Zentangle form created by Rick & Maria Thomas

A rose is a rose, is a rose…………

Last week on Ben Kwok’s Ornation Creations site on You Tube, he announced that he and his wife had a beautiful baby girl on November 6, and they had named her “Rose.”

As a tribute to her, his pattern of the week was two roses.  This is my rendition of that template, drawn in honor of Baby Rose Kwok.   Enjoy.


I liked this without any coloring, and let the black and white speak for itself.

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Ben Kwok again—–

This weekend I have been doing some more Ben Kwok templates and playing with the color a little bit.  How do you like these?    Did I say they were addictive?

Ben Kwok 3_2 Ben Kwok 1_2

Ben Kwok Ben Kwok 2_2

Kwok designs

I will probably reduce these in size and use them on card fronts.

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More Ben Kwok templates

I seem to find myself doing at least two or three of Ben Kwok’s designs every day. Just can’t seem to get enough of them.  I have tried some of them with different coloring, and with a decorated paper background. I didn’t like the coloring on the first Hummingbird, and didn’t like the second one much better.

Kwok designs        Kwok designs 2


I did the horse with fewer lines on the template, and did it on a piece of colored paper I had made some time ago. I like it a lot better.

Kwok designs 1   Kwok designs

This dragonfly, I played around with my IPhoto, and it is now a completely different color than the original.  Sorry, I couldn’t get this image to flip vertically.

Hope you don’t tire of these, because I will be showing you more in the future.

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Zenspiration Cards

I’ve been neglecting my card making recently, so have decided it was time to do some cards to show you.

i recently came across a blog that I really liked.  It was by Joanne Fink I really liked her style, and thought I remembered having a book by her.  There in my stash of Zentangle books was “Zenspirations – Letters & Patterning.”  I began doodling and practicing some of her techniques.  Here are three cards I came up with using her style

Zenspirations Zenspirations   1 Zenspirations   2

I really enjoyed drawing and coloring in this style, so I will probably show you some more later.   OR you may receive one of these in the mail.  I drew and colored the original, scanned and printed copies for the cards.   (I can make them any size)  They are so versatile and could be used for any occasion.  I liked these so much I ordered another of Joanne’s books.  Can’t wait to see it and learn more about her techniques.

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It’s Been a while —

since I did a post on Zentangles® or ZIAs.  I ran across two patterns recently that intrigued me. One is a fleur-di-lis and the other a really fancy owl.  Here are the two samples I made.ZIA ZIA   1

The owl had so many small divisions, so I have redrawn the outline and left some of the lines out.   Will do another one using that outline.    Also, the one I saw on the blog I got the idea from was colored purple.   So, in a few days, we will see what I come up with.

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ZIA doodling on scans of paintings

I saw a suggestion on someone’s blog to take pictures of roses in seed catalogs, scan them and print on card stock to use a background for Zentangle Inspired art.  I thought — why not scan some of my actual flower paintings, copy them and do the doodling.   SO– here are a few results.   This one , an abstract landscape  done with water color crayons and black Sharpie markers, turned out pretty good.ZIA landscape

Then I took two floral paintings, scanned, printed and added the doodling.

Circles  4 Circles _2

And last, I took some other pictures I had in my computer for an idea to paint them later and did the same:

Circles  3 Circles  1_2

By printing the images, you don’t have the problem of the pen clogging when you use it over watercolor or other paint.

I like them!   How about you?