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Weird Animals?

Sorry I haven’t posted in quite a while.  Just those lazy, hazy days of summer.  August was not the usual dog days, however.  It was cooler than normal, and none of the humidity in years past.

Sometime ago I mentioned that my great grandchildren had won ribbons for their entries in the Bible School theme –  “Weird Animals.”0001TP This was the 3rd place winner by Mae (age 4)

Zenspiration 1 ZenspirationThese were the 1st and 2nd place winners by Iris (age 8)and Ella (age 11)

The boys entered also, but weren’t winners.

photo 0001U6 These were by Truman (age 8) and Boyd (age 7)

They added an “honorable mention” category, so that some of the children other than Carol’s grandchildren would win something.   We are very proud of them all.  All of them are very talented in various artforms.   Do I sound proud, or what?

Thanks for stopping by today.