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Senior Center Art Exhibit

The walls on the entry hall at the Senior Center looked so bare after the Silver Arts exhibits were removed, so our mixed media group that meets on Mondays was asked to put up an exhibit of our art work.   Here are a few of mine. IMG_0229_2 IMG_0229_2_3 IMG_0229_3_2 IMG_0238 The color does not show very well in the first one, but it is a print of an abstract painting in various shades of blue, and then I did Zentangles® on top of it.  Looks much better than the picture.  The two stained glass images are done on canvas with acrylic paints (not framed). The last one is a watercolor on paper that is framed. We have 25 paintings hanging, but I was unable to get good pictures due to the reflections on the glass from the windows.   If I can get some better pictures next week, I will show you some of the others. Here is one done by Hazel LeBlanc (better know as “Z”). IMG_0229_3  She used the butterfly template from Ben Kwok, zentangled it and glued to painted canvas on which she also did some Zentangle designs.  Very pretty, I think!   We have a small, but very talented, group that meets weekly to exchange ideas and show what we have done that week.  FUN!!


Sunrise in Hawaii

Several months ago, my brother David, was in Hawaii and had some wonderful photos on his blog.(Community of the Holy Fire).  One picture in particular caught my attention, and I decided I wanted to paint that scene.0001al

This is my painting of that scene which I finished last week:

IMG_0901The colors do not show up well in this photo, but you can tell what it looks like.

Enjoy!   Thanks for stopping by today.

Strathmore Card contest

Strathmore Paper Company is sponsoring a card making contest.   The rules are to use a Strathmore Card as the base, and use  any medium.   I am submitting these two for consideration.  For the first one, I drew the outline of the leaves on the watercolor paper (140 lb.)  Then watercolored, using the negative painting technique, and outlined the leaves with brown Sakuro Micron pen.

Leaves card








On the second one, I stamped the bough on white card stock near the top.  Then stamped the ornament once on green, blue, lavender cardstock.  The images were cut and layered to make a 3-D ornament.  Embellished with a Sparkle pen, and colored the hanger with gold pen.  Glued to bough with tiny gold cord bow. This was layered with the 3 colors of cardstock to the Strathmore card.   This iswhat it looked like.  The stamps were from Outlines Rubber Stamp Company, which is no longer in business.

3-D Ornament

This is a nationwide contest, and there will be entries from professional as well as amateur artists, so the competition is pretty awesome.   Wish me luck.   Cash prizes are $500. $250 and $100, plus $50 worth of Strathmore supplies.  I will know how I cam out in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for stopping by, and see you soon.


ZIA doodling on scans of paintings

I saw a suggestion on someone’s blog to take pictures of roses in seed catalogs, scan them and print on card stock to use a background for Zentangle Inspired art.  I thought — why not scan some of my actual flower paintings, copy them and do the doodling.   SO– here are a few results.   This one , an abstract landscape  done with water color crayons and black Sharpie markers, turned out pretty good.ZIA landscape

Then I took two floral paintings, scanned, printed and added the doodling.

Circles  4 Circles _2

And last, I took some other pictures I had in my computer for an idea to paint them later and did the same:

Circles  3 Circles  1_2

By printing the images, you don’t have the problem of the pen clogging when you use it over watercolor or other paint.

I like them!   How about you?

Holiday Art Sale —–

Sorry it has been so long since I posted.   Was quite busy all last week getting ready for the Holiday Art Sale that my neighbor, Andrea, and I were having at my house last Saturday. We sent out quite a few invitations,  but we had very few visitors on Saturday.  Even though the number of customers was very low,  the sales averaged about $40 per person attending. We were happy with the results, and plan to have another one next year.   Hopefully, we can do a  little more advertising, and get more people to the show.  In addition to all of my items, Andrea had some wonderful buys in pottery, woven and quilted items.   Sorry you missed it!IMG_0837 IMG_0838 IMG_0839 IMG_0840 IMG_0841 IMG_0842 IMG_0843 IMG_0844 Here are a few snapshots of my house after we had set up on Friday.

Thanks for stopping by today, and will see you soon.

Painting on glass

Back in the days when Donna Dewberry was so popular with her one-stroke painting techniques, I did a lot of painting in her style. including painting on glass items.  I found several boxes of glass items that were left from that time, and decided to do something with them.  Most of these items came from the thrift store at very low prices.  Here is what I did with a few of them.   The stemmed glasses in various sizes will be used as votive candle holders.   And the candy dish is obviously to hold just that –some holiday candies.  Hope you like them.


They will be for sale on November 16th when I have a Saturday sale of all of my art creations.  If you live nearby, hope you can come.  If you need directions to my house, please let me know.  The sale will be from 10 AM to 4 PM rain or shine.  One of my neighbors, Andrea Stark,  will be joining me.  She does pottery, quilting and knitting and weaving, among many other things.  I will have matted watercolor paintings,  Zentangle® creations, knitted and  crocheted items, jewelry items, and much, much more.

Thanks  for stopping by today, and see you soon.