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I just realized it had been over a month since I last posted.  Have been busy with the usual holiday activities.  The family here celebrated Thanksgiving with a dinner at Carol’s.  On the first Saturday in December, I had my annual Holiday Art Sale.  Sales were good, but very few people came.  It was the same day as the Chatham Open Studio Tour.  Will try to have it earlier next year.  Here is one picture of me talking with one of the customers.IMG_0905  Then on Monday of the following week. my painting group came for our annual Christmas luncheon.  Lots of yummy food and good fellowship!  Unfortunately, I forgot to make any pictures.

On The following day my Bible study group met to make Christmas cards for the visitation list at our church.  Here is Sue Klase with one of the cards she made.  Our Bible Study group leader, Nell, has a broken ankle from a fall in her home, so she couldn’t be with us.IMG_0907  Today, Saturday, the annual Christmas party of the Newnam family (Carol’s in-laws) was a busy day with about 46 at the luncheon.  We had a few snowflakes this morning, but it didn’t last long.  Here are some shots of the biggest crowd I have ever had in my house at one time:IMG_0910IMG_0915IMG_0914IMG_0912IMG_0911IMG_0908 Since there was a big UNC basketball game at the same time, Mark rigged up a device that would show the game on the wall of my living room so the folks would not miss the game.  It worked out well, and UNC WON–yeah !IMG_0909  Don’t know if I will have time to post again before Christmas.  If not, hope everyone has a wonderful day celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.     MERRY CHRISTMAS!








It’s Football Season!

The first game in the UNC football season is today.  No matter what the outcome, all the fans would be interested in the “rams head” template that appeared on the Ben Kwok site on Facebook last week.  I did one, but have already given it away to my granddaughter for her birthday this week.  This is not a very good picture, but will give you an idea of what it looks like.background

I am getting ready to do another one, and hopefully will get a good picture or scan before it’s gone.   I did one in blue ink, but had a disaster when I put it on the canvas.   The blue ink I used  WAS NOT PERMANENT, as I thought, and when I applied a coat of glaze, the colors ran and bled, so I will have to find a substitute for that pen.  Here is a picture of it before the catastrophe!

mandalas 5

I think it would look great done in blue ink and colored blue, but if it doesn’t work I will use black ink and color a “Carolina Blue!”