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Visit in Wilson

Carol took a trip to the Amish country in Pennsylvania this week, and my family doesn’t want me to be alone, so I spent a couple of days in Wilson with Charles and Polly in their new home. Don’t know if I told you that they had retired and moved back to North Carolina.  Wilson is Polly’s home, so they purchased a townhouse there.  It is beautiful, and I enjoyed my visit with them.  I did too much walking, and am feeling it in my knee today.   We ate too much, also.  Dinner at Western Sizzler, and at their church midweek service, delicious breakfast at Polly’s sister Debbie’s house and lunch at Bill’s barbecue (as well as takeout from Parker’s the day before), so I am eating very lightly today!

We visited the Wilson Rose Garden on Wednesday.  It is a beautiful place, but not the best time of the year for roses.  What was still blooming were beautiful, and there were lots of “rosehips”.  Here’s one picture taken there. 10469933_784942674898372_1433656118_n  There are more pictures on my Facebook page.

Thanks, Charles, Polly and Debbie for the great visit.