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I’m Back

Seems like forever since I last posted.  No excuse.   Just putting things off! Nothing much has happened since I last posted.  The weather has been so nice that I have spent a lot of time sitting on my back screened porch just enjoying it.  Being lazy gets boring after a while, so decided I had to get off my rump and do something.  I have tackled a big job –cleaning and organizing my craft room.  Lesson learned –  BE SURE TO PUT EVERYTHING BACK IN ITS PROPER PLACE AFTER USING !!!!! The Senior Games is over at the Senior Center.  Did not enter any of my paintings or drawings in the Silver Arts Competition, but did enter my quilt that I finished last summer.   Got a blue ribbon –  see picture attached:  image1_2 Not very good picture, but you saw the finished quilt some time ago. The only art work I have done this month is a stained glass canvas, painted with acrylic inks and paints.  This is size 11 x 14 canvas.  I like this style, so think I will do more.image1 Hope to be back before too long.  Thanks for taking a look.


Quilt Block prize

One of the blogs that I subscribe to is authored by Neil Burley, a mixed media artist in the UK.  I love to see his varied array of artwork, and on his 500th blog post, he gave away several prizes in appreciation to his readers who commented on this particular post.  One of the prizes was a small (6-1/2″ ) handpainted quilt square, and  I WAS CHOSEN AS THE WINNER!     it arrived in the mail yesterday.  It is beautiful!   Thanks, Neil.quilt block - Neil Burley

These are some of my favorite colors, and the workmanship is superb.  I wish I could make such beautiful, tiny stitches.

Here is a link to his blog, if you are interested in looking at some of his artwork.://

The Last Stitch

I know you are tired of seeing pictures of my US States quilt, but this is the last.  I put the last stitch in the binding today at 11:20AM EDT !

Here are some shots of how I used a dark green stripe/print for the binding to offset the pastel colors of the lining and border squares. Hope you like it.  I do—–and so glad to call it finished.

IMG_0895 IMG_0896

Hope you have a great day.   There is a slight chance of showers here today.  We’ve had less than 1/2″ of rain in about 8 weeks, so we need it very much.

See you soon.

Barn Quilt

barn quiltI don’t know if you have seen the painted quilts that adorn many barns as you travel on country roads.   There is one on a country road near us that is the tulip pattern, and I always admire it as we drive by.   So, I decided some time ago to try to paint a picture of one.

After much “trial and error” painting, I came up with this one.   Hope you like it.  I think this looks like a real fabric quilt.

Thanks for stopping by today.    See you again tomorrow.



I haven’t posted in a while, and I think you will see by these pictures what has taken up my time!!!!     The quilt is finally finished, except for the binding.IMG_0891 IMG_0893

Hope you enjoy seeing this, as well as a glimpse of my spare bedroom!

Hope to see you often now, as I want to reach my 50th post by my first anniversary next month.    This is my 40th, so I need to get busy for the next few days.

See you soon.

Two More Done —

Have been quilting on the US States quilt, and finished two more sections of the middle of the quilt shown here:

IMG_0888 IMG_0889

My sewing machine is in my guest bedroom, and I have guests right now, so won’t sew these together until a little later.  Will show you what it looks like then.

My son. Charles and his wife Polly are visiting for a few days.  Glad to have them.  They have both recently retired, and are contemplating a move back to North Carolina from Peoria, IL.  We will be glad to have them back nearer to us, when they find a suitable place to settle down.

Here is another picture I just have to show you.  My great granddaughter Mae who will be 4 in June takes ballet, and this is a picture of her when she got her costume for their recital.  I think she is more interested in the costume than the recital.

unnamed-2_2Of course I’m not a bit prejudiced, but I think she is the cutest ballerina I’ve ever seen!

Have a happy, safe Memorial Day!

Mother’s Day Terrarium —-

Today before noon I received a Mother’s Day gift from Charles and Polly, who live in Peoria.  It is a beautiful terrrarium.   They know I’m allergic to so many cut flowers, and I appreciate the greenery.  Thanks to both of you.IMG_0887


Today i finished two more sections of the US States quilt that I am doing.  These are the upper middle section, and the lower right section.   Yeah!   Only 6 more sections to go.

IMG_0885 IMG_0886

As soon as I get two sections that go side by side, I will sew them together, and you will be able to tell more what the finished quilt will look like.

Thanks for stopping in today,  and a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all.