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Mural at Senior Center

Several weeks ago our mixed media art group that meets each Monday at the Chatham County Senior Center in Pittsboro was asked to paint a mural on one wall of the fitness room. None of us had ever done anything of that sort, but we decided to give it a try. With the help of Shannon Bueker, a local artist that visits our group with demos from time to time, we did it this past Monday.

Alan who works at the Senior Center prepared the wall with three colors of paint.
Last Friday, Shannon, Carol and I went down and drew some outlines on the wall with chalk, then on Monday we had 5 of our group do the painting. Below are some photos taken during the session, showing all of us at work. We had it finished in about two hours. Hope you like it——and hope those who use the fitness room will enjoy viewing this cheery scene as they exercise.  Thanks to Mary Ellen, Christine, “Z”, Carol and Shannon.

photo-1 IMG_1076 IMG_1077 IMG_1079 IMG_1084 IMG_1087 IMG_1089 IMG_1091

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