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A Trip Down Memory Lane

I was looking through some old pictures and slides today, and began to remember all the events that they depicted.  You may not be interested in these, but it is a pretty good example of how I have changed through my 94 years.

The first one is when I was about 1 year old – in l921—-I always had my head in a book, and my father made this studio photo of me with my favorite pastime, about age 10.

GrannyPics-083GrannyPics-014Another milestone in my life- my 25th wedding anniversary, with a surprise party hosted by my mother-in-law and Carol.0001Q8IGrannyPics-009Everybody always thought Jimmy looked like Bing Crosby. What do you think?   In picture on right ——Do you remember when folks got dressed up” for banquets, and other such affairs.  This was a meeting of the Woodmen Circle which was the women’s counterpart for Woodmen of the World before their merger, probably in the 1940’s.  (Last on right)

GrannyPics-045In 1980-81 I worked in East NC as the first Fraternal Coordinator for Woodmen of the World, helping Harvey Bedsole set up the Fraternal Coordinator program for those who would follow. I worked in the office, attended lodge(now called chapters) meetings 3 or 4 nights a week, and helped look after the youth camp during the summer months.  A busy two years.

In 2010, my children honored my 90th birthday with a party, about 75 in attendance.   Two of my children’s childhood friends came a long distance to be with us, Melvin Threat and Ron Beaver.  Here they are with me and my four children, Sarah Jane, Jimmy, Carol and Charles.  It was a wonderful affair.Stainback4Thanks, Ron and Melvin for coming.

Thanks for going on this trip with me, and I hope you enjoyed it.  See you again soon.