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This morning I was searching through some old files looking for something, when I came across a file marked “class reunion”.   In it I found a group photo of my high school graduating class of 1936 from Charlotte Technical High School (better known as “Tech High”). There were 55 in the class.  Here’s a very old photo that has seen lots of wear.  It was made on the front steps of the school.  In the back are two teachers, Miss Stella Kittles, Miss Mae Myers, and the principal, Forest T. Selby, and the two small mascots in the very front.   There is a list of all the names on the back of the photo.  (In case, you are wondering, I am 3rd from the left on the first row.


Charlotte Tech High School taught business courses, woodworking, metal working, home economics and many more that would prepare the students for a job in the marketplace.  Many used the knowledge learned there to create their own successful businesses.  I took a secretarial or business course that included typing, shorthand, bookkeeping and business math, which was equal to a two year course in a business college.    This was in the middle of the “great depression” and very few of my friends could afford to go to college, so this was a good preparation for their working life.


CirclesCircles  1  Forty years after graduation, in 1976,  a group of us got together and planned a reunion of the class.( See picture on right) We were able to get in touch with all but one, and her brother did not have an address for her. Out of the 55,  34 still lived in Charlotte, 2 in Charlotte suburbs, 5 others in North Carolina, 4 in South Carolina, 2 in Florida, and 1 each in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey and Virginia.   3 were deceased.  We tried to get everybody in approximately the same position as in the Senior picture.  Two of our teachers were able to attend the reunion.   Since I will be 94 this month and was the youngest in the class, I doubt that many are still living, but I think about them quite often and I wonder how many high school graduates still live close to home after graduation.  There has been so much change since that day, and none of us could have imagined the technology we have today.

Now – what was it I was looking for in the first place?