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Guest Artist


Last Monday at our Mixed Media Group meeting, we were fortunate to have Shannon Bueker visit with us and share some of her painting tips.  After viewing some of our paintings and offering advice as to how to improve them, she again overwhelmed us with her free, loose, animal painting.  Shannon brought a horse painting that she had begun, and showed us how to finish it up.  Most of us will never be able to equal her talent, but it is fun to watch, and hopefully we learn something to help us in our future painting efforts.  Thank you, Shanon, and we look forward to having you again next week.  You can view Shannon’s work at The Joyful Jewel in downtown Pittsboro and at numerous galleries in the area.  Hope you will take a look at some of her wonderful art, both watercolor and acrylic.

And——one of our group inadvertently got left out of the pictures on the last post.  Mary Ellen Houck does graphite drawings, and somehow she was  deleted from the post.  My apologies, Mary Ellen.


I will  be away for a week visiting my brother in the Seattle area, and will see you when I get back.   Thanks for visiting today.