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ATCs and ACEOs – what’s the difference?

Someone asked the other day if I knew what an ATC was?  This is the acronym for Artist Trading Cards.  I have been making and trading these little works of art for almost 10 years now.  An ATC is a miniature work of art, 2-1/2″x 3-1/2″, about the size of a modern trading card (such as baseball cards) small enough to fit inside standard card holder pockets, sleeves, or sheets.    The movement developed out of a mail art movement in Switzerland.  They are produced in various media–dry media (pencils, pen, markers, etc.). wet media (watercolor, acrylic paints, etc.), paper media (collage, papercuts, found objects, even metal or fiber).  They are meant to be given away or traded with another artist – NEVER SOLD!

When these cards are sold, they are called ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions and Originals),  They can be found on Etsy and EBay for sale, ranging from $3.00 to $10.00.  Most of these are painted with watercolor or acrylic.

At present I participate in only one monthly group swap, where I make 10 ATCs following a given theme, send to the host, and receive 10 different ones from other artists.  Formerly I have participated in other swaps, but some of them became so “unartistic” (is that a word?) that I discontinued them.  The ones I receive in this swap group are great works of art, and I have a number of LARGE binders full.  They are so much fun to make, and I really enjoy working in miniature.   Here are a few that I have made:

ATCs ATCs 2   ATCs 1ATCs 3ATCs 4

.    The last one is a watercolor painting I have done, scanned it, reduced in size and glued to backing card, adding small sea shell ephemera at bottom. The one before that is made with paper that is perforated to cross-stitch size, sewed to backing with buttons and lace.  The others are made from found objects, paper cutouts. etc.

Wouldn’t you like to join in the fun of making some of these?  Thanks for coming by today.  See you soon.