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Senior Center Art Exhibit

The walls on the entry hall at the Senior Center looked so bare after the Silver Arts exhibits were removed, so our mixed media group that meets on Mondays was asked to put up an exhibit of our art work.   Here are a few of mine. IMG_0229_2 IMG_0229_2_3 IMG_0229_3_2 IMG_0238 The color does not show very well in the first one, but it is a print of an abstract painting in various shades of blue, and then I did Zentangles® on top of it.  Looks much better than the picture.  The two stained glass images are done on canvas with acrylic paints (not framed). The last one is a watercolor on paper that is framed. We have 25 paintings hanging, but I was unable to get good pictures due to the reflections on the glass from the windows.   If I can get some better pictures next week, I will show you some of the others. Here is one done by Hazel LeBlanc (better know as “Z”). IMG_0229_3  She used the butterfly template from Ben Kwok, zentangled it and glued to painted canvas on which she also did some Zentangle designs.  Very pretty, I think!   We have a small, but very talented, group that meets weekly to exchange ideas and show what we have done that week.  FUN!!


I’m Back

Seems like forever since I last posted.  No excuse.   Just putting things off! Nothing much has happened since I last posted.  The weather has been so nice that I have spent a lot of time sitting on my back screened porch just enjoying it.  Being lazy gets boring after a while, so decided I had to get off my rump and do something.  I have tackled a big job –cleaning and organizing my craft room.  Lesson learned –  BE SURE TO PUT EVERYTHING BACK IN ITS PROPER PLACE AFTER USING !!!!! The Senior Games is over at the Senior Center.  Did not enter any of my paintings or drawings in the Silver Arts Competition, but did enter my quilt that I finished last summer.   Got a blue ribbon –  see picture attached:  image1_2 Not very good picture, but you saw the finished quilt some time ago. The only art work I have done this month is a stained glass canvas, painted with acrylic inks and paints.  This is size 11 x 14 canvas.  I like this style, so think I will do more.image1 Hope to be back before too long.  Thanks for taking a look.

Stained Glass Painting

I look at a web site quite often called Paint My Photo,which allows you to use any of their photographs as a reference for painting a picture.  Recently they had a challenge to do a “Stained Glass” painting from one of their images.  Here is the photograph I chose:IMG_1018

I had a 12 x 16 canvas on which I had been “playing”, so i gessoed it all over to cover up what was on it.  Then I proceeded to use this reference and paint it with acrylic paints.  Some of my paints were old and beyond use,but I found enough to paint the following:IMG_1017  I had some black India ink which I used with a small brush to separate the sections, and then painted a black acrylic border around, covering the sides of the canvas so it could be hung without framing.  I like this, so I think I will try a different one on watercolor paper using watercolors.  Will let you know how it turns out.

Thanks for stopping by.

ATCs and ACEOs – what’s the difference?

Someone asked the other day if I knew what an ATC was?  This is the acronym for Artist Trading Cards.  I have been making and trading these little works of art for almost 10 years now.  An ATC is a miniature work of art, 2-1/2″x 3-1/2″, about the size of a modern trading card (such as baseball cards) small enough to fit inside standard card holder pockets, sleeves, or sheets.    The movement developed out of a mail art movement in Switzerland.  They are produced in various media–dry media (pencils, pen, markers, etc.). wet media (watercolor, acrylic paints, etc.), paper media (collage, papercuts, found objects, even metal or fiber).  They are meant to be given away or traded with another artist – NEVER SOLD!

When these cards are sold, they are called ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions and Originals),  They can be found on Etsy and EBay for sale, ranging from $3.00 to $10.00.  Most of these are painted with watercolor or acrylic.

At present I participate in only one monthly group swap, where I make 10 ATCs following a given theme, send to the host, and receive 10 different ones from other artists.  Formerly I have participated in other swaps, but some of them became so “unartistic” (is that a word?) that I discontinued them.  The ones I receive in this swap group are great works of art, and I have a number of LARGE binders full.  They are so much fun to make, and I really enjoy working in miniature.   Here are a few that I have made:

ATCs ATCs 2   ATCs 1ATCs 3ATCs 4

.    The last one is a watercolor painting I have done, scanned it, reduced in size and glued to backing card, adding small sea shell ephemera at bottom. The one before that is made with paper that is perforated to cross-stitch size, sewed to backing with buttons and lace.  The others are made from found objects, paper cutouts. etc.

Wouldn’t you like to join in the fun of making some of these?  Thanks for coming by today.  See you soon.

Guest Artist


Last Monday at our Mixed Media Group meeting, we were fortunate to have Shannon Bueker visit with us and share some of her painting tips.  After viewing some of our paintings and offering advice as to how to improve them, she again overwhelmed us with her free, loose, animal painting.  Shannon brought a horse painting that she had begun, and showed us how to finish it up.  Most of us will never be able to equal her talent, but it is fun to watch, and hopefully we learn something to help us in our future painting efforts.  Thank you, Shanon, and we look forward to having you again next week.  You can view Shannon’s work at The Joyful Jewel in downtown Pittsboro and at numerous galleries in the area.  Hope you will take a look at some of her wonderful art, both watercolor and acrylic.

And——one of our group inadvertently got left out of the pictures on the last post.  Mary Ellen Houck does graphite drawings, and somehow she was  deleted from the post.  My apologies, Mary Ellen.


I will  be away for a week visiting my brother in the Seattle area, and will see you when I get back.   Thanks for visiting today.