Still celebrating ——

Even though my birthday was the end of March, it seems that the celebrating has continued into this month.   My brother David and his wife Ellen couldn’t be with us for the family celebration Easter weekend, but they did pay a visit last week, following a speaking engagement in Washington, DC,   I took them to see the Silver Arts Exhibit at the Senior Center in Pittsboro, and of course, we had to visit the S & T Soda Shoppe to sample their famous ice cream.IMG_3679  This is a single serving of it.  The shoppe is an old soda shoppe that made us think of our childhood days with the comfortable booths and small round tables and stools at the bar.  A great experience.

Parked outside was this beautiful motorcycle:

IMG_3675      You will notice that this town still has angled parking and the business town is only about two blocks each way from the courthouse which is the middle of town.  Great time was had by all.

Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon.


3 thoughts on “Still celebrating ——

  1. shannon

    I”m glad your birthday went on and on, Sarah! It should last a month at least. Then maybe it should extend a little bit longer for each year we continue to be here. 🙂 You win!


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