Many animals hibernate when the weather gets cold and come out again only when it gets warmer.   One prime example –the groundhog.   It will be Groundhog day next week, so I decided it was time for me to come out of hibernation.

I have not been that busy –just a blah, do-nothing situation.  One thing happened during this time that i had wished for a long time. If you really want something for Christmas that is too expensive to ask Santa to bring you, you should go ahead and give that gift to yourself.   Example –  I have wanted to get an I-Pad for quite some time now, so this is the year I decided to give one to ME  as MY Christmas present from ME!IMG_1016

I have been busy learning to navigate this device since the system is quite different from my desktop MAC.   My desktop has the Snow Leopard system, and the I-Pad has the new Yosemite.  It is great, makes wonderful pictures, and I can sit in my lounge chair with my feel propped up and view all the sites I wish.

Have a good day.  See you again,(as soon as I get up from my lounge chair!) Tthanks for stopping by.


4 thoughts on “Hibernation

  1. Pat

    So happy you did….you will enjoy it so much, I’m sure.
    I use mine every day (an antique now at nearly 5 years old) and really love it.

    Enjoying life —
    If not now, when ?

  2. Sarah Jane MacKenzie

    So glad you’r enjoying it! I’m thinking of getting one, too. I heard you took it to art class. THere is a lot of software, or apps, out there for doing art on iPads. You should look into it.


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