As most of you know, I am not a big fan of Facebook.  It is my belief that some of the hackers use Facebook to get into your emails, etc. I do know of one instance where my email was hacked and I traced it back to a Friend Request on Facebook.   Usually, I would open Facebook two or three times a week.  Recently, it has been once a week.  Now I have decided it might be even more infrequent.     So, if you are getting replies or comments  a little late, that is the reason.

Some things I learned from this “Facebook Fast” is that it can be such a theft of your time.   I would open it, intending to read one comment or post, and maybe an hour and a half later cut it off.  Most of what I had read was not pertinent or important to my every day life, SO—-I have decided to open it even more frequently. If you have a message that you want me to see or respond to, it would be better to email me.

I am not criticizing those who are on Facebook constantly, but just wanted to express my feelings about it being such a time stealer.  Enough of my soapbox for today.    See you later.


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