Jewelry making

I have been in a “jewelry making “ mood for the past week.  For quite some time I have been making rolled paper beads, and decided it was time to do something with them.  Here are a few examples that were finished up this week.

Zentangle Jewelry 1Jewelry 2Jewelry 6

Jewelry 3 Jewelry 4JewelryJewelry 7


For a larger view of each, click on the image.

Hope you like.  The bracelets are strung on “memory wire” which stretches to go over the hand, and then goes back to size to fit the wrist.  The pendants are two Zen Inspired on “shrink plastic” and others I purchased at bargain prices from Fire Mountain Gems.  Other colored beads and pearls are added.  Will show you more later.  Thanks for having a look at these.



5 thoughts on “Jewelry making

  1. Linda Bristow

    These are beautiful. A friend recently gave me a bracelet that you twist around your wrist and it had lots of different beads strung on it. Now I know it’s called “memory wire”. I will have to buy this wire and make some myself. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sarah Jane

    Beautiful! When I looked at them up close, I thought some pendants were zentangle and wondered how you did them. Some photos would allow an enlarged view and some would not; could be my settings. The beads look shiny, do you coat them with something?
    I just had an art class Friday and the teacher, Cheri, praised your work again! I’ll have to show her these; could be a future project.


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