Ben Kwok again—–

This weekend I have been doing some more Ben Kwok templates and playing with the color a little bit.  How do you like these?    Did I say they were addictive?

Ben Kwok 3_2 Ben Kwok 1_2

Ben Kwok Ben Kwok 2_2

Kwok designs

I will probably reduce these in size and use them on card fronts.

Thanks for stopping by.


7 thoughts on “Ben Kwok again—–

  1. Sarah Jane

    Ooh! I love these! Especially the colors. I know what you mean about addictive. I haven’t started doing any, yet, but I have been collecting them, Ben Kwok’s and others, on my computer.

    1. Sarah Stainback

      Thanks, Denise – if you click on Ben Kwok Images, many of my designs are shown there. Every time I mention Ben Kwok, the images go to his image sight. Awesome. And it does give me some publicity, because my blog site is listed below it. Glad you are back in gear. Look forward to your posts.


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