Update on Barn Quilts

Some of you may wish to know more about barn quilts that I showed you a couple of days ago.

There is a “Barn Quilt Trail” in Northeast Tennessee.  This link will show you some of the barns and other buildings that have quilts painted on them.  I didn’t know there were so many there.


Also, there is a site that tells about the history of how barn quilts got started, and some great pictures.


I am sure there are more if you just Google “Barn Quilts”

Hope you enjoy looking at some of these.



2 thoughts on “Update on Barn Quilts

  1. Sarah Jane

    Actually, all over the Smoky Mountains, the Appalachians, and the areas nearby, you can find barn quilts that can be seen from the highways and byways and many quilt trails. Quilts have always been a major historical factor in the lives of us “hillbillies,” as a necessity, as a source of income, and as an art form.
    We have quilt shops in our area that specialize in quilts and quilting supplies. Some even have equipment that you can use to make your own quilts and will teach you how to make them. Others will make a quilt for you out of your own materials; I’ve seen some nice ones made from t-shirts, a great way to recycle them.
    There are several big annual quilt exhibitions in the area and there are always quilts shown and sold at fairs and festivals; there is a juried quilt competition at the Knoxville Dogwood Arts Festival where you can see some fantastic modern quilts that are true art for displaying that you would never think of using on a bed. The Gatlinburg and Asheville areas, where in the early 1900s charitable organizations went in and helped the mountaineers make new lives for themselves and become prosperous through their crafts, there are many shops, fairs, and festivals featuring quilts, including barn quilts.
    Quilts are such an imbedded part of our lives that when the idea for “barn quilt trails” arose, it caught on like wildfire and has added a touch of art, color, and beauty to the area.


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