Thanks to Ben Kwok

Ben Kwok is a fabulous artist who was born in Taiwan and lives in Pasadena, CA,  He does intricate pen drawings, mostly wildlife and animals, and a few mandelas.  He has a web site – just Google Ben Kwok, and a Facebook page called Ornation Creations.  The great thing is he shares weekly a template of one of his drawings, so we amateurs can try our hand at his creations.   Here are a few that I have done, using his templates.  It is very fascinating.

ZIA ZIA   1 barn quilt 1 butterfly 2

And, of course, considering my love for mandelas, I had to try one of those also.

mandela BK

Hope you like my humble attempts at producing some of his art replicas.


3 thoughts on “Thanks to Ben Kwok

  1. Sarah Jane

    Ooh! Beautiful! Seems like I say that a lot on here. I especially love animal drawings and within that, butterflies and owls. These are fantastic!


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