Barn Quilt

barn quiltI don’t know if you have seen the painted quilts that adorn many barns as you travel on country roads.   There is one on a country road near us that is the tulip pattern, and I always admire it as we drive by.   So, I decided some time ago to try to paint a picture of one.

After much “trial and error” painting, I came up with this one.   Hope you like it.  I think this looks like a real fabric quilt.

Thanks for stopping by today.    See you again tomorrow.



9 thoughts on “Barn Quilt

  1. Sarah Jane

    Ooh! I really like this! And yes, I’ve seen the quilt designs on barns, craft shops, a quilting shop near us, and antique shops, et al. I think this (East TN) must be the hub of the “Quilt Trail” of else, and I suspect this is the case, the idea has caught on like gangbusters because it is so beautiful and a great eye-catcher. We have tons of crafts and antique stores around here. Thanks for showing us this, Mom.


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