Two More Done —

Have been quilting on the US States quilt, and finished two more sections of the middle of the quilt shown here:

IMG_0888 IMG_0889

My sewing machine is in my guest bedroom, and I have guests right now, so won’t sew these together until a little later.  Will show you what it looks like then.

My son. Charles and his wife Polly are visiting for a few days.  Glad to have them.  They have both recently retired, and are contemplating a move back to North Carolina from Peoria, IL.  We will be glad to have them back nearer to us, when they find a suitable place to settle down.

Here is another picture I just have to show you.  My great granddaughter Mae who will be 4 in June takes ballet, and this is a picture of her when she got her costume for their recital.  I think she is more interested in the costume than the recital.

unnamed-2_2Of course I’m not a bit prejudiced, but I think she is the cutest ballerina I’ve ever seen!

Have a happy, safe Memorial Day!


4 thoughts on “Two More Done —

  1. Linda Bristow

    That quilt is absolutely beautiful and so is precious Mae. She is adorable! I can understand why you think she is the prettiest ballerina you’ve ever seen. Happy Memorial Day 2 U!

  2. Judy

    That is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog. My husband and I moved from Northeast Illinois to Wisconsin so I do know Illinois very well. Your great-granddaughter is darling 🙂

    1. Sarah Stainback

      Thanks, Judy, I have finished the quilting on the quilt and have it all sewn together except for the bottom section. Will show it on my blog in a couple of days. Loved your black and white tote bag. The combination of prints is gorgeous.


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