About 30 years ago, I was an ARTEX representative.  We had home parties and painted on fabric and other media with a ball point paint tube.  There were other brands also, including one called Vogart.  I don’t know if this product is available today.IMG_0882 The principle was the same – you stretched the fabric you wanted to paint on in an embroidery hoop and followed the lines of a printed embroidery pattern.  I did a fifty block collection of the 50 United States.  Each showed an outline of the state, the state bird and flower, a star for the location of the capitol, and the order in which they became a part of the US.  IMG_0880

I have finally decided to finish the quilt.  Each block was only 10″ square, so I had to add some printed blocks here and there to make it come out a correct size for a quilt.  I decided to quilt it in sections, so sewed the blocks together into nine sections that would be easily handled to quilt in a large embroidery hoop.

. IMG_0881 IMG_0879

After all the sections are completed, you sew them together until you have the finished quilt.  The photos shown will, hopefully, represent what I am talking about.   I am starting with the center section, (photo on left), and  will keep you informed as to my progress.


7 thoughts on “OLD ART REVIVED

  1. becky jones

    i also did artex and loved it. the today name is AUNT MARTHA’S BALL POINT PAINT THEY HAVE A WEBSITE IF U R INTERESTED IN BROUSING IT.

  2. stainbacksarah93 Post author

    Thanks, Becky – I have a really large christmas table cloth, half finished. The paint I have seems to be a little hard, and I will want to get some to finish this up. I will look up the website.

  3. nsturgill

    Ah, a blast from the past! Like the state blocks! I did a quilt for my son with roads to run his matchbox cars on, his school, church, grandparents home, etc etc. also worked great for decorating Easter eggs!


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