We got about 6 inches of the white stuff yesterday.  It snowed constantly from noon to about 6 PM, then turned to rain.  We are so lucky that we had no power outage, and that we were inside and not stuck in the massive traffic jam from Raleigh to Chapel Hill.  It was bad enough to cancel the BIG GAME between Duke and UNC!  The bus could not get to Duke to bring the players to Chapel Hill.

I looked out the window a few minutes ago, and it has started again, with bigger flakes and sticking to the trees this time.  I hope this doesn’t cause a power outage, because when we have no power, we also have no water.  Will have to pray a little harder today!

On a happy note, as promised, I have some Valentines to show you.  I didn’t get any new ones made this year, but had ample left from the ones I made last year.  Here are a few of them.  Pick the one you want — and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY.

Circles Circles  1



  1. Linda

    This is one heck of a winter we are having. I feel bad for those in the south who are not use to snow. The ice and power outages are terrible no matter where one lives. Hope you are remaining warm and with power!!!


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