It’s been a while —-

since I last posted.   Several reasons –  I had an intestinal bug of some kind for about two weeks.  NO FUN!   Then, I woke up one night with extreme pain in my right big toe.   It was swollen and tender, and I had trouble walking.  Couldn’t stand my shoe to touch it.  After some exercises, applying ice, and keeping foot elevated for a few days, it is better.  I think it is some form of arthritis, probably rheumatoid.  I’ve been eating blueberries on my cereal, and have ordered some black cherry extract, which is supposed to help this sort of thing.  At any rate—during this time, I have not felt very creative.  I did manage to do another sweat shirt with the knit yoke.  Sorry, didn’t get a photo of it.

For relaxation I did do some Zentangling .  Here are a few things I’ve done in the past week

.Circles Circles  1

I called these “Life circles”.  They were made by drawing various size circles all over a 9×12 page, overlapping some, and then doing some doodling in each circle.  These will look better when they are matted and framed.

Thanks for stopping by today, and I will be back in a few days with some Valentines.


7 thoughts on “It’s been a while —-

    1. stainbacksarah93 Post author

      Thanks, Mary – My toe is getting better. I got some black cherry juice concentrate today and started drinking it several times a day. Haven’t heard from you in quite a while. Hope you are well.

  1. becky jones

    great to hear from you sorry to hear you have been feeling poorly spring will be here soon and we will all feel better with some sunshine take care of yourself the zentangles are beautiful as always I love looking at them they take me to a different place a peaceful, wonderful place. thank you for sharing your work with all of us


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