Sweat to Sweater

Several years ago Carol gave me a sweatshirt that had been altered by an elderly lady by adding a knitted yoke to an ordinary sweat shirt.  The purple one is the one I have had several years.    At the time, the lady who made it gave Carol handwritten directions for the knitting pattern.IMG_0855

WELL, as it goes, the pattern was misplaced (lost).    In doing some cleaning this past year, she found the directions.  I typed them up on the computer and decided to try my hand at doing one of these.   With a sweat shirt from the thrift shop, I  proceeded to cut away the yoke and knit a replacement.   The picture of the gray one was made last year.   IMG_0857

This year I came across another sweat shirt from the thrift store.  This one was pink, and I got together the pink, white and variegated yarn left-overs to do it.    Here is the finished product.  A beautiful pink sweater/shirt, all for about $3.00  Hope you like it. IMG_0856

Sorry I haven’t done any posts this year, but with company over New Year’s and a little under the weather since, just haven’t gotten around to it.  Will try to be more regular from now on.  Thanks for stopping by today, and I hope 2014 will be a happy, healthy, prosperous year for you.


4 thoughts on “Sweat to Sweater

  1. Patricia

    Pretty and so clever. I had a similar one years ago – I bought at a church sale. It was a white sweatshirt, cut up the front with a crochet scalloped edge around the neck and the cut edge… Attractive and fun. Hope to see this on you soon. P.

  2. Linda P Bristow

    Sarah, Are you sharing the directions? If so, I’d like a copy of the directions. Do you have the directions for a sweatshirt cut open down the front then crochet the edges and neck?
    These are some things I’d like to do during retirement years. Thanks!


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