even though the weather outside doesn’t feel like it, Christmas will soon be here! The temperature on my back porch is 75, and it was almost that high yesterday.  I have made a few things for the grandchildren who live near here.   Truman and Boyd like to do artwork, so I made them ArtBooks with white and colored cardstock pages for them to do their drawing, and ornaments for their tree.IMG_0850

IMG_0851 IMG_0852ForIMG_0853 the girls, I made a crocheted hat for Ella, knit a red cape with hood and muff for Iris’s American Girl doll,  and for Mae, I made a soft rag doll, small pocketbook with cat, and ornaments for all of them as well, including one of “MO” Carol’s Australian Shepherd that Mae loves to play with.   I don’t think any of them will be looking at the blog, so felt free to publish these.  For the out-of-town grand’s, I cut back on mailing this year, and sent only ornaments that would fit in an envelope.


And I received a nice surprise today, a red poinsettia from one of my Sunday School classmates, Barbara Askew.  It isbeautiful, and thanks, Barbara.  If I don’t see you again before Christmas Day, hope it is a merry, happy day, as we celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

See you soon.  Thanks for popping in today.


One thought on “COUNTING THE DAYS —-

  1. Linda

    I love the art books and ornaments and hats. It’s so nice that you can make handmade gifts for the grandkids. And lucky you! a poinsettia plant for the holidays! In Wi we are digging out from snowstorm Alice.


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