Painting on glass

Back in the days when Donna Dewberry was so popular with her one-stroke painting techniques, I did a lot of painting in her style. including painting on glass items.  I found several boxes of glass items that were left from that time, and decided to do something with them.  Most of these items came from the thrift store at very low prices.  Here is what I did with a few of them.   The stemmed glasses in various sizes will be used as votive candle holders.   And the candy dish is obviously to hold just that –some holiday candies.  Hope you like them.


They will be for sale on November 16th when I have a Saturday sale of all of my art creations.  If you live nearby, hope you can come.  If you need directions to my house, please let me know.  The sale will be from 10 AM to 4 PM rain or shine.  One of my neighbors, Andrea Stark,  will be joining me.  She does pottery, quilting and knitting and weaving, among many other things.  I will have matted watercolor paintings,  Zentangle® creations, knitted and  crocheted items, jewelry items, and much, much more.

Thanks  for stopping by today, and see you soon.


3 thoughts on “Painting on glass

  1. Linda Bristow

    These are so pretty. I saw some at the Asheboro Fall Festival this year. What a neat idea. I would like to come to your sale if possible. I do have the state office Christmas Party on that same day. We’ll see. Take care and have a blessed week.


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