Gourds, anyone?

Some people think that the art of Zentangle is used only on paper.  NOT SO!

Carol grew some cannonball gourds a couple of years ago, and had a stash of them in her storage shed.  Recently, she got them out, and we decided to clean a few and see what could be done.  Since I REALLY like doing Zentangles®,  thought I would give it a try.   After laboriously cleaning the outside with steel wool and soap, most all of the mold and dirt was  removed.  I used a regular Sharpie marker for these, as the regular Sharpie pen made marks that were too fine.  This is my finished piece.


Wish I had read instructions for cleaning the gourd, because there are easier ways to do it, and you get a better finished job. Will try them next time.

We took two garbage bags of the gourds to our Mixed Media Class.  Am waiting to see what the other members will do with theirs.   Will show you some canvas tote bags on my next postthat I did Zentangles® on.  Thanks for stopping by, and see you soon.

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10 thoughts on “Gourds, anyone?

  1. joansgardens

    Sarah, I have tried and tried at different times to leave you a comment, but It doesn’t accept my password. I had trouble with someone else I was trying to comment on using World Press.

    The gourds are stunning and I can’t begin to imagine how long it took you. So beautiful.

    Best Wishes,




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