Zentangle® class in Monroe, WA

One of the highlights of our trip to Washington was the opportunity to teach a class on Zentangles®.  Some of the staff at the Disciple Training Center (Pneuma Springs) in Monroe wanted me to teach them some kind of craft while I was there.  I chose to do Zentangles, and boy, was it a success!  All of the ladies learned so fast, and they all have such artistic talent.  My daughter Carol, and sister-in-law Ellen also joined the group.  They were all equipped with pencil, Sharpie pen and white paper, which is all the materials you need to get started.  I decided to use the white board and Sharpie marker to do the demonstrations.  It was not easy with no place to rest your hand, but with some individual help, we managed to get the idea across to all of them.  Most of them had never heard of the art, but a few had seen my blog where I showed some samples.  I tried using some of the easier tangle patterns and told them they did not have to stick to the official patterns, but could use any form of doodling they preferred.  I wish I had some of the finished projects they completed, but unfortunalely, we forgot to photograph any of them.  Here are a few photos of the group, with names where I remember them.  To those I don’t remember, please forgive me.  Even though I am not a certified teacher of this art, I have been practicing it for about two years, and felt comfortable trying to get others interested in this fascinating art.

IMG_1370 IMG_1380
me — demonstrating on white board.Sample of easy piece that I had done.
Barbara  She was so very talented and learned quickly.  She finished a piece in black/white/red.  Wish I had taken a photo to show you.My niece, Debbie TongMy niece, Debbie Tong

Ana Sun
Ana Sun  Ana does beautiful artwork using pressed flowers and a printed Bible verse.  thanks, Ana for the one you gave me.HannahHannah  she does beautiful greeting cards from photos and computer generated art that is sold in their gift shop at the Center.one table of students hard at work.one table of students hard at work.another part of group.another part of group.

I certainly enjoyed the afternoon spent with these wonderful people, and wish them in producing artwork they will be as proud of as I am of them!   Thanks to all for joining me.

AND thanks to you for coming by today.  See  you soon.


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