The Biggest Move I Ever Made

my houseI was born in Charlotte, NC and lived there all my life until late 2005.  In 2004, after the death of my husband, following a long bout with dementia, my daughter Carol decided to build a home for me on her wooded property in the country between Chapel Hill and Pittsboro.  It was finished in September, 2005 and I made the move there.

While living in Charlotte, I saw it grow from about 100,000 population almost one million.  I have enjoyed being away from the stress of living in a BIG city, and the relaxed atmosphere here has probably added years to my life.  I wouldn’t ever want to move back!  I live in a great log house on one 5 acres of her property, and she lives on the other 5 acres.  She lives alone, also, after the death of her husband, but we see each other daily, and eat one meal, usually dinner together at my house.  I love living in this stress-free environment!   This is a painting I did of my “cabin in the woods”, complete with deer who visit everyday!

my house

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9 thoughts on “The Biggest Move I Ever Made

  1. Collette

    Yay, Sarah!! I found it after you put in the URL for me; great job on your watercolors!! I also signed up to follow you by email.

    1. stainbacksarah93 Post author

      Thanks, Susie – did you sign up to receive the posts by email? That’s the easiest way to
      follow me. If you don’t want to do that, bookmark, so you can find it easier.


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